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    July 19, 2018

    Open Source Gamechangers: OSEHRA's 2018 Summit

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    Energy and passion abound at OSEHRA's 2018 Open Source Summit! Sharing a common goal, presenters and attendees embraced this year's theme in every day of their work: The Open Road for Government Innovation.

    Over the course of the three-day summit, open source health IT modernization for public and private sectors is being highlighted, and many discussions spotlight the growing number of initiatives across federal and state agencies as well as collaboration on global state-of-the-art solutions.

    Along the lines of optimizing open source utilization and community involvement, speaker Mario Hyland emphatically reinforced, "the objective is to achieve continuous interoperability," during a track geared toward interoperability and open architecture. The increasing level of public-private partnership in major programs and agencies is key. Keith Salzman, a key subject-matter expert with BookZurman, is no stranger to this need. "We need convergence, not divergence for broader interoperability reach. Regarding 'islands of excellence' in standards implementations, they must be harmonized into best practices to link everything together," he shared.

    Collaboration is one of our company's core values, and a great example is Dr. Keith Campbell's SOLOR initiative that breaks through silo streams for a more integrated and functional view of terminology content. BookZurman is proud to be a part of this impactful paradigm shift in how developers consume terminology -- enabling collaborative improvement in medical knowledge, patient care and safety. Dr. Campbell was honored earlier this year at the Fourth Annual FedHealthIT Innovation Awards. Today, he was recognized with OSEHRA's Lifetime Achievement Award.

    In addition to collaboration, BookZurman was founded on and lives these tenets:

    • Trust in our unique expertise and passion that sets us apart.
    • Innovation for next generation ideas and solutions that simplify.
    • Transparency to bring together our best thinking and inspired leadership.
    • Collaboration so our work connects providers and patients for better living.

    To learn more about how BookZurman is bridging the gap between healthcare and technology for a better patient experience, stay connected by signing up below.

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