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Designing and building your future-enabled IT architecture.

With constant evolution in healthcare and IT, it’s hard to know where to start to find your clearest path to meaningful digital transformation that empowers seamless care. That’s why we help you understand how mature your organization’s interoperability is today to pinpoint the best approach for your future.

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Integrated solutions from domain-specific specialists.

Not only do Team BZ’s subject-matter experts have deep and robust experience in standards and informatics architecture, they have the unique perspective of how healthcare data solutions work together for true interoperability in health IT. With our team’s expertise, we can provide an independent assessment of how your interoperability stacks up and a roadmap to help get your organization to the next level.

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Insight discovery leads to faster healthcare transformation.

By creating guidelines, defining requirements and resources, and taking a proactive interoperability approach, Team BZ provides clarity to your organization -- streamlining technical and semantic interoperability of information flow within your organization and between partners and community providers. Our guidance is aligned with industry interoperability trends, best practices and emerging industry standards for healthcare data solutions.

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Featured Case Studies

Throughout, the BookZurman team made expert recommendations and staffing assignments to a rapidly evolving landscape of cutting-edge standards development activities to achieve revolutionary advancements in electronic health record technology and improved interoperability.

Contractor Performance Assessment Report

BookZurman has shown great expertise in taking the open source Omnibus Care Plan OCP) code base, developing CareNexus®, and continuing to enhance the software for commercial deployment. This represents a great government/industry collaboration, required to bring significant innovations to standards-based applications that facilitate patient centered care.

Ken Salyards | Information Management Specialist, SAMHSA, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

BookZurman initiated a detailed analysis, then continued to champion a collaborative relationship ... served as a solid framework. The team represented tremendous subject-matter expertise that is extremely rare in the health standards industry.

Contractor Performance Assessment Report

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