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    Driving innovation, together.

    As a community, we are building the technology and infrastructure architecture to transform healthcare delivery.

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    Collaborations that shape the healthcare standards community.

    Business Process Management (BPM+ Health) for Healthcare

    Managed by Object Management Group®, BPM+ Health™ is establishing a community of practice based upon open, standards-based notations. This allows all types of health organizations, professional societies, and vendors to document care pathways and workflows so that they are sharable, discoverable, and can be computable.

    The healthcare standards community’s objective is to develop and pilot standards-based healthcare automation techniques, specifically the application of Business Process Management (BPM) and related standards to clinical care pathways and workflows. As a member of BPM+ Health and the OMG Healthcare Domain Task Force, Team BZ collaborated on Version 2.0 of the "Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways." The guide, leveraging standard-based methods from OMG, HL7, and HSPC, shows how business process and case modeling standards can be used to improve the efficiency, consistency, and quality of clinical care employed and shared across healthcare institutions.

    “By applying IT standards to healthcare, practitioners are able to leverage and disseminate evidence-based best practices at the point-of-care to save time, reduce error, and produce better outcomes.”

    BPM+ Health


    Object Management Group

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    Logica: Information at the Speed of Life

    Logica refocuses how healthcare applications are developed. As a provider-led consortium, Logica applies the same teamwork approach to delivering quality patient care to solving the interoperability challenge.

    Active in the consortium, Team BZ collaborates with active organizations to develop a healthcare services platform community that will enable an economy for interoperable applications in a service-oriented architecture and knowledge-enabled model. On behalf of a government agency, Team BZ contributed to integrating clinical content that brings together different terminology standards by using a single model that encompasses any customized content. This initiative garnered the 2018 Federal Health IT Innovation Award, and empowers informaticists and developers to convert user-supplied terminologies into the single model through open source software.

    Instead of spending so much time and resources on data interpretation, medical professionals can now build Health IT solutions with more reliable and shareable data.”


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    Health Level 7® International (HL7®)

    HL7’s® dedication to the health IT community is to provide a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information. This vital purpose not only supports clinical practice -- but also the management, delivery and evaluation of health services.

    Team BZ subject matter experts are consistently involved in HL7® plenary and working groups, and Connectathons to continue to shape the healthcare standards community. They hold co-chair and facilitator positions in the following areas: Architectural Review Board, Community-based Care and Privacy, Conformance, Electronic Health Records, Financial Management, Implementable Technology Specifications, Infrastructure Steering Division, International Council, Modeling and Methodology, Orders and Observations, Security, and the Standards Governance Board.

    Our vision is a world in which everyone can securely access and use the right health data when and where they need it.”


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    Perspecta powers digital transformations by delivering solutions that improve network operations. Their innovative digital solutions thrive in highly agile and scalable environments.

    We share the same philosophy with our partners at Perspecta -- the technology modernization journey doesn't have a finish line. While most organizations think about digital transformation in terms of changing technology, Perspecta thinks of it as much more than that -- an opportunity to redefine strategies and accelerate mission success. Team BZ participated in Perspecta’s Veteran Care without Boundaries use case that followed different veterans on their journeys through Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) risk identification and negative outcomes mitigation. It showcased how the orchestration of population health and individual patient care unfolds through care coordination and analytics applications using BPM+ Health automation, executable knowledge artifacts and an HL7 FHIR® interoperability platform.

    Our team of digital experts is never satisfied with the solutions of today because there are always new challenges looming. That’s why we deliver more than an answer to a single problem—we enable continuous, value-based digital transformation.”


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    Collaborations shape the healthcare standards community.

    Together, we're building the technology and infrastructure architecture to transform healthcare delivery.


    More than 100+ years of collective experience working for you.

    Continuously connected to the healthcare standards community, we help provider organizations stay ahead of the technology curve and maximize longevity and return of their IT investments. Our award-winning work continues to help bridge the gap between healthcare and technology for a better patient experience.


    Integrated solutions from domain-specific specialists

    Not only do Team BZ’s subject-matter experts have deep and robust experience in standards and informatics architecture, they have the unique perspective of how domain-specific pieces work together for true interoperability in health IT. We can provide an independent assessment of your interoperability maturity and a roadmap to help get your organization to the next level in digital transformation.

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