Standards and Interoperability

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Our Community Lives up to Healthcare Providers’ Standards

Our sought-after, expert team can lead conversations and initiatives in the health IT community around emerging standards such as HL7® FHIR® and OMG®’s BPM+ Health, as well as how to transition from or supplement a legacy EHR system. Together, we work toward true interoperability in healthcare.


Our Engagement and Leadership in Cutting-Edge Organizations Shapes Health IT Rules and Standards

Team BZ has been active in the development of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA), the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), Meaningful Use and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Final Rule to move interoperability in healthcare forward.

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Whether you’re looking to understand the current state of your organization’s interoperability maturity, want to create an interoperability in healthcare roadmap, or propel your digital transformation forward today -- we stand ready to help.


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Enabling Repeatable Processes

Standards and Interoperability

Team BZ data modeling experts created a repeatable and effective transformation of Extensible Markup Language (XML) resources to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) clinical reasoning resources while resolving technical differences between data structures. With the transformation of this content, the government agency’s best practices were preserved for a variety of clinical pathways, and content was updated to a format with widespread industry adoption, which increased interoperability and usefulness by the agency and its partners.

“This effort directly enabled Model-driven Architecture (MDA) technologies by enabling repeatable processes to improve results.” -- Team BZ

BPM+ Health Foundation

Team BZ participated in advancing the capabilities of BPM+ modeling for capturing clinical guidelines on behalf of a government agency at the leading-edge of standards and interoperability work. The team developed three new metamodels and specifications for submission to the Object Management Group (OMG®) and evaluated Model-Driven Message Interoperability (MDMI) for its relationship to these standards.

By embracing and championing open standards, the community enables healthcare providers to better adopt and apply best practices.” -- Team BZ

Interoperability Toolkit

Standards and Operability

Successfully used by numerous government agencies and commercial organizations, the interoperability toolkit was led by Team BZ standards and tooling experts. The toolkit includes standards-compliant, open-source industry projects comprised of Model-Driven Message Interoperability (MDMI), Model-Driven Health Tools (MDHT), Model-to-Model Transformation languages (QVT), and Model-Based Transformation Services (MBTS).

“This work will provide APIs and semantic interoperability for legacy and current data and industry standards, and the ability to interoperate with future standards and implementations.” - Team BZ

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