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To cure the challenge of healthcare interoperability by leading conversations that connect caregivers and patients ... enhancing care and enhancing life.



To deliver timely and integrated data that empowers caregivers to transform the future healthcare -- one patient at a time.





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BZ Process GraphicWe empower caregivers to transform the future of healthcare – one patient at a time.

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Our Core Competencies

Our Core Competencies include:

Standards and Interoperability 

Provide expert health standards development engagement and consultation, contributing to a common framework of functional and semantic interoperability by sharing requirements and supporting solutions to achieve intelligent health information exchange that extends to enhance patient care.

Informatics Architecture

Define strategy and architecture as it relates to representation of patient-specific clinical data and knowledge within health information systems and with technical methodologies used to process data for patient care, quality assurance and secondary uses.

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

Provide subject matter expertise on CDS to internal and external collaborators, and support design and implementation of current and future CDS strategy by identifying and exploring CDS capabilities needed to optimally support patient care.


Provide expert clinical terminology consultation, development, mapping, modeling and tooling to support semantic interoperability and reasoning capabilities in health records.

We empower caregivers to transform the future of healthcare – one patient at a time.

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