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Creating Integrated Healthcare IT Systems

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Informatics Architecture

Creating future-enabled, enterprise technology infrastructures

Seamless and thoughtful architecture is the clearest path to meaningful transformation for providers and patients. No matter what stage your IT framework and workflows are in, we can move the needle for your healthcare IT system. Our proven experts help you understand your current state, design and implement a future-enabled IT architecture.

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Clinical Decision Support

Transforming health IT data to action

We believe healthcare IT systems should empower caregivers to provide the best quality care. That’s why we bring knowledge to the point of care by enhancing workflows and providing integrated views with interoperable data assets, informational and computational semantics.

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Care Coordination

Improving care quality and data management

CareNexus®, our future-enabled care coordination and planning platform, connects providers and patients across the continuum of care. Improve patient care by enabling care team members from multiple organizations immediate access to patient information in one place as part of your healthcare IT system.

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Standards and Interoperability

Making connections that stand the test of time

We aren’t tourists in the health IT community, we’re your local guides. Team BZ’s highly specialized subject matter experts are continuously connected to industry and community organizations on the leading edge of emerging standards including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) -- so you can be sure your organization’s interoperability is built on standards that live up to yours.

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It takes a Village to Deliver True Interoperability, and we live there

For decades, Team BZ subject matter experts have been driving working groups and engaged in industry-leading organizations in the healthcare IT community. It takes this consistent commitment, instead of a come-and-go, tourist mentality, to ensure that our solutions are as forward-looking and sustainable as they are relevant to your needs.


Continued Leadership for Health IT Progress

Our subject-matter experts are consistently looked to as leaders in the field as they develop, interpret, and guide the creation of laws and policies to empower health IT through U.S. government organizations. Federal agencies come to us for objective guidance on large-scale health IT system transitions – as well as clarity on how to plan for and implement future-enabled technology.

Integrated Solutions from Domain-Specific Specialists

Not only do Team BZ’s subject-matter experts have deep and robust experience in standards and informatics architecture, they have the unique perspective of how domain-specific pieces work together for true interoperability in health IT. We can provide an independent assessment of your interoperability maturity and a roadmap to help get your organization to the next level.


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