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Get Independent Advice
Get Independent Advice
    July 31, 2019

    Collaborating at EXPO.health in Boston


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    As gold sponsors of EXPO.health, we’re proud to be in Boston alongside a strong community of collaborators in healthcare IT.

    In the spirit of collaboration, Team BZ’s dynamic Thursday morning panel discussion provides CIOS, CMIOs, directors, and analysts at health systems, hospitals and physician practices the opportunity to understand how open source is beginning to impact care coordination and how it can benefit their organizations.

    What are we talking about?

    Panel Title: How Open Source Can Help Enable Care Coordination and Interoperability

    Description: Open source software has transformed other industries and looks promising in healthcare. Instead of starting from scratch, developers can build off the work of peers. In an ideal state of interoperability, empowered patients wouldn’t have the burden of seeking their medical records from different providers, but be able to take advantage of open, secure platforms that intermingle disparate information for care coordination.


    · Shahid Shah, Founder at Netspective Media – Medigy

    · Brian Book, PMP, CSM, President at BookZurman

    · Ioana Singureanu, Senior Standards Architect, BookZurman; HL7 Fellow

    · Don Hewitt, Vice President, Business Operations at OSEHRA

    How can we help your organization?

    CareNexus(TM), BookZurman’s care coordination and management solution, is based on open source code and is a FHIR-compliant database. Leveraging open API infrastructure through SMART-on-FHIR, the platform operates in an “app store” capacity for easy scalability and extensibility – allowing disparate programs to share information and applications to add functionality and customization.

    · Secure and HIPAA-compliant

    · Modular, scalable design

    · Single sign-on

    · Consent, referral and program management

    · Appointment scheduling, task and activity management

    · Alerts and notifications

    · Patient engagement

    We welcome the opportunity to understand your care coordination needs and how we can help you put patients at the center of care. To learn more about how CareNexus can revolutionize your healthcare organization, sign up to receive our weekly updates below.

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