Say goodbye to siloed data.

Say hello to integrated health IT that stands the test of time and saves millions over its lifetime.

As an objective partner from strategy to implementation, our standards and interoperability experts take an independent approach to advice and guidance.

We believe objectivity is critical to ensure you have a future-enabled roadmap to digital transformation that includes flexibility to share data with any standards-based system, including the Centers for Disease Control, Medicare, Medicaid and others independent of your electronic health record system.


Want to learn more about working with Team BZ’s industry-leading subject-matter experts?

  • Get an independent assessment of your interoperability maturity
  • Build a strategic, standards-focused interoperability roadmap
  • Get objective guidance regarding large-scale system transitions
  • Negotiate your data rights and contracts with a new EHR
  • Position you for successful implementations, including assistance with those around CMS rules
  • Plan for and implement future-enabled technology

We look forward to learning more about your organization’s needs and how we can help you stay ahead of the technology curve with standards-based solutions.

“Throughout, the BookZurman team made expert recommendations and staffing assignments to a rapidly evolving landscape of cutting-edge standards development activities to achieve revolutionary advancements in electronic health record technology and improved interoperability.

Contractor Performance Assessment Report