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Get Independent Advice
    March 5, 2021

    Friday Feature | Aide Memoire for Computable Domain Models

    BookZurman is proud to share a recent post featuring the insights from guest author, Thomas Beale

    Aide Memoire for Computable Domain Models
    originally posted 02/16/2021 by Wolandscat

    Sometimes a graphic is worth more than words. This is an attempt to capture all the salient features of multi-level modelling, the openEHR way. See the openEHR primer for the story.


    Although this is 'our way' of doing it, I contend that the general scheme is universally needed - see the bullet list after the cartoons in this older post on openEHR for HL7 FHIR users.

    Get to know the guest author!

    Thomas Beale imageThomas Beale

    Thomas’ well-rounded insights come from his more than 35 years of experience spanning knowledge-based standards development, software engineering, education, business development, industry analysis and thought leadership, including in real-time control, finance, and e-health. Since 1994, he has specialized his work to the community of EHR technology and standards, information modelling, semantic interoperability, e-health strategy and open health computing platforms.

    Working on the openEHR architecture for more than 20 years, Thomas lead the openEHR.org Specification Program and was a technical advisor for the Good European Health Record (GEHR) project. He has been involved in international e-health standards development (OMG, HL7, CEN, IHTSDO), including as an IHTSDO Technical Committee member from 2009 to 2012. Thomas' work includes consulting for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on behalf of BookZurman. Additionally, he has consulted for Intermountain Healthcare, and various Ministries and Departments of Health, including in Australia, UK, and Brazil. His blog is dedicated to computing, particularly in health, standards, and more generally clear thinking in design, modelling, software and systems engineering.

    According to Thomas, he has "a particular allergy to hype and nonsense. Anything he says is meant in the spirit of debate and dialectic engagement, and no matter how controversial, is offered with the idea that we may still have a beer together afterwards."

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