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Get Independent Advice
Get Independent Advice

    Our Team is Our Talent

    The global experts of Team BZ bring you a breadth and depth of experience through strong community ties and relationships with many federal agencies.

    Get Independent Advice

    Interpret, Implement and Transform

    Our objective and integrated approach to healthcare interoperability means we have independent and deep expertise in three key areas and understand how they work together.



    More than 100+ years of collective experience working for you.

    Continuously connected to the community, we help provider organizations stay ahead of the technology curve and maximize longevity and return of their IT investments. Our award-winning work continues to help bridge the gap between healthcare and technology for a better patient experience.


    Leading with unparalleled expert-level understanding of
    health IT.

    Our team of domain-specific subject matter experts has knowledge that runs deep and wide across the health IT industry. We draw together the work of various specialists and strategists to realize your health IT vision.


    Driving and shaping the healthcare-standards community.

    As the federal government has driven policy and healthcare technology transformation over the last 20 years, Team BZ has been expert-level contributors along the way as a prime contractor and teaming partner. We’ve been contributing for over a decade to interoperability standards, working directly with government agencies and industry-leading organizations to advise on development and implementation. 

    Collaborations shape the healthcare standards community.

    Together, we're building the technology and infrastructure architecture to transform healthcare delivery.

    Connectable, Scalable and Manageable Health IT

    Ready to maximize the longevity and return of your health IT investments?

    Get Independent Advice