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Well-deserved recognition for contributions to HL7 standards development

Well-deserved recognition for contributions to HL7 standards development

Congratulations to members of the Team BZ family who were presented with the 2021 HL7 Fellow Award during last week's 35th Annual HL7 Plenary and Working Group Meeting. 

Elected by current HL7 Fellows, Lorraine Constable, Paul Knapp, and Ron Parker were recognized for over 15 years of HL7 membership as well as outstanding service, commitment and contributions to the organization. Lorraine, Paul, and Ron have served as working group co-chairs, HL7 board members, and have contributed to the development of new and revised standards for the healthcare community. 

HL7 Fellows represent the leadership of HL7 in the ongoing development of health information standards. We commend Lorraine, Paul, and Ron on this prestigious and well-deserved honor. 

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